Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hoping for the collapse of the current economic system...(part 2)

Hello all...

Well, this is the second part of my idea for a new economic system.

In my last post I explained how the current capitalist system is basically a dead system and it should be replaced and replaced with the TIME system.

'But, avid, but how will be able to buy stuff if everything is measured in hours and minutes?'

Simple: everything will have to be convert from dollars/cents to hours/minutes.

Sure, there will be some adjustment or growing pains to this new system, but after awhile, it will be like the old system.

But instead of carrying paper/coins, you would be carrying a debit/banking card. So in that respect, everything will be the same.

Here's another idea I had brewing in relation to the TIME system:

The current job market will be totally restructured.

Follow me with this...

Instead of staying with a single job forever, you could work at any job (as long as your qualified for it) for as long or as little as you want.

'Whaddya mean avid?'


You need some TIME, you walk into a fast food place and ask if you can work for a few hours. After you worked your time, you'd be able to leave and work at another job...

Even though some jobs would be a semi-permanent basis(police, fire, hospital, etc.).

As long as you got your TIME recorded on your card, it wouldn't matter what type of work you did.

In that respect, all jobs would be equal.

But like I said, all this is just a radical concept and can be tweaked.

Think about it...

Thanks for reading!


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