Thursday, November 10, 2011

File this under: 'There's one born...'

Hello all, Note: This is a TRUE story. Names haven't been changed (expect mine), etc., etc... At my job, I have this co-worker named Jonny. He's not the SHARPEST tool in the shed. Semi-nice guy, but...I wouldn't trust him with heart surgery. Anyway, I went over to his area to get some equipment. Since today is pay day, everyone has money. Me: 'Hey, Jonny...maybe you can help me...' Jonny: 'Whaddya need, avid?' Me: 'Well, the cashiers didn't have it, but do you have 2 TENS for a FIVE?' Yes, that was a troll...most people would just look at ya funny. But not Jonny. He digs into his pocket and rummages out some money...some tens, a twenty. Me: 'Jonny, give me the twenty.' Jonny: 'Sure, here ya go...' I take the twenty and hand him a five. He starts to stare at the five while I slowly make my escape with my ill-gotten booty. *lightbulb* Jonny: 'AVID!' Busted. I walk back to give him his 20 and he gives me back my five. I grab what I needed and ended up LAUGHING my *SS off for the next 10 minutes. Which goes to show that PEOPLE CAN BE STUPID! Thank for reading! Later!

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