Thursday, December 29, 2011

Time for some house cleaning...

Hello all, And I don't mean my place... What I mean is that over the years (especially since I moved out of Philly), is that the people I thought I knew closely suddenly changed on me (or was it me that's changed?) over the years. You try and be nice to people but you get treated like garbage for your efforts. Others turn into drama queens. And others you wake up and realize that the people you that was your friend is just an useless, directionless, person. So I decided that with the New Year coming up, I was gonna to call people out on their bullsh*t and basically kick them to the curb. Honestly, I don't need the aggravation, the drama, etc. Sorry if this sounds cruel, but I'm at the age where I shouldn't have to be dragged into sh*t unless I start it. I know it sounds cruel, but enough is enough. So to anyone else, you know who you are and know you're not on the above list... Thanks for reading, Later!

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