Thursday, February 2, 2012

The future of the INTERNET is AT STAKE!

Hello all, If you thought SOPA/PIPA was bad, meet ACTA: With this act, say bye bye to the internet. This act was negotiated in SECRET for the past few years and signed without ANY TYPE of PUBLIC input. Some provisions: Shut down any website with out any due process if EVEN suspected of copyright infringement. Fines and/ or prison time for infringers. Searches through any and all electronic devices (laptops, mp3 players, smart phones, etc.) A 3 strike provision which maybe end up with you being BANNED from the internet. President Obama sign this into law this past October without any CONGRESSIONAL input. You wanna help? SIGN THIS PETITION:!/petition/please-submit-acta-senate-ratification-required-constitution-trade-agreements/VgZJGZMt We need 20,000 signatures by Feb. 21st for it to be submitted. So PLEASE, for the future of the internet and civil liberties, SIGN, SPAN THE LINK, CALL YOUR ELECTED REPS! Don't let this happen! Thanks for reading! Later!

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