Thursday, June 28, 2012

Whatever happen to having pride in your job?

Hello all, Like most people, I work at a semi-sucky job, have weird hours and deal with the most lazy excuses for coworkers you have ever seen. But I try and do the best I can, bite my tongue when I have to do. And I usually follow any rules and polices. My issue is that no one else seems to do the same/and nothing gets said. And I'm getting tired of it.... Why do good people have to break their backs and slackers get a free ride? Please... Explain this to me... Thanks for reading... Later!

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Anonymous said...

so u could be just like everybody else n just do enuff to get by. just enuff to not get into any trouble, but nothing more.either way, just worry about urself n screw eberyone else. that's on them. u look out 4 ur own well being n survival. nobody else is gonna do it. they r too busy covering their own ass.this is america. we ain't cooperative, work together, socialist ants u know. i came to realize we humans could learn alot from ants n how they work/ and do 4 each other. ants r better than humans in how they do things. i've seen in wit my own eyes.i study em on my hour lunch breaks. sounds weird, but true. they all pull toether n share their food crumbs.drag it back to their community hole in the ground where the rest live..!!r we humans this cooperative n sharing with each other?nah

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