Friday, July 13, 2012

A solution to the drug war...

Hello all, File this under: what the f*ck has he been smoking?'. Well, with all this talk about the possibility of legalizing pot, I came up with an idea that would satisfy both those republic*nts and those moronic demorons. States should take a page out of those European countries (I don't remember if it's Amsterdam or Sweden. I just know one of those countries that have the cute blonde chicks with nice tits. Lol). They set up a up area where you can get buzzed, high, whatever, but if you go outside of that area, you'd get busted for drugs. But let's take it a set further, have that states be the dealers and sell whatever they can out of a warehouse of something like that. Anyone who wants to get f*cked up pays a $200 fee and signs a waiver(which absolves the state of any wrong doing and a 'do not revive' form.). But why the waiver, avid? It's simple, since most intelligent people know what damage certain drugs can do, it shouldn't be too big of an issue. (Sorta like that same logic behind drinking...). If anything else, this system will prove natural selection... I know it's probably not the best solution, but at least this satisfies both sides of the fence and gives the states a economic boost... If you guys can think of anything better, post your ideas.. Thanks for reading. Later!

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